This is the UN-UFO Manual from Col. Von Keviczky for the 1978 UFO Conference at the United Nations. He had been working with the UN since the 1960s and knew Secy Gen. Thant.


This is the clubhouse link for the UN-UFO DEPARTMENT club. to download the clubhouse app if you don’t have it. Clubhouse is invite only. It’s a voice app. If you need an invite to join clubhouse, email and ask.

UN-UFO Manual

This link to read the manual.


Ufology is a study of the subject of ufos.

42 years

It’s been 42 years since the un met about establishing a Ufo agency.

New York

The UN is in New York. I don’t live there. It’s a bit far. How to do it remotely?

X ag

X ag is 1/84 Roman pound silver. 1728/84 is 20.57 * 500/2640 is 3.896 grams silver is 0.125276652607842 Troy ounces silver. For all intents and purposes 1/8 Troy ounces silver is a denarius x or 8x per Troy ounces silver. Spelled out, 8 denarii is one Troy ounce silver. Maybe I should count my wealth… Continue reading X ag